“As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality exist in our world, none of us can truly rest.” — Nelson Mandela

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Since year 2011; SRU India team has implemented following projects

Projects Districts/States Period Partnerships
Engage Corporate Volunteers in Community Development Solutions in the areas of Child Development, Health& Nutrittion, Environmental Protection, Merine Conservatiion & helping Covid affected people Odisha, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal 2022-24 Goodera India
ProjectMySkillsMyLife- Enhancing Life Skills and Employability Skills among 1000 adolescent and young women (Phase- I & II) Kishanganj District of Bihar and Banda District of Uttar Pradesh 2021- 2023 Samatvam Trust, Chennai, India
Healthy Schools Program Kishanganj, Katihar and Purnea Districts of Bihar 2021-23 Arogya World Trust
Skill Development Training to 100 Unemployed Tribal Women in Manufacturing Jute Products Kishanganj(Bihar) 2019-20 In pipeline with NABARD-Bihar
Building Capacities of 73,000 in-school Adolescents (11-14 years) in 20 districts across 6 North Indian states on Nutrition and NCDs through Arogya World's Healthy Schools Program 20 districts in 6 state 2018- 2021 Individual and Crowd Funding
End Violence for Every Women Mewat (Haryana)
Mahendrgarh (Haryana)
Alwar (Rajasthan)
2019-22 Individual and Crowd Funding
Grant Assistance for Skill Development of 100 unemployed youths in Garment Manufacturing Kishanganj 2018-19 NABARD-BIHAR
Happy Mother Healthy Child Project New Delhi
2018-25 Individual and Crowd Funding
Skill to Opportunities – Handholding youths from Below Poverty Line Families Kishanganj
2019- 22 Individual and Crowd Funding
Up-scaling NABARD supported Social Enterprise ‘TaarMaah’ in Garment/Apparel Sector by adopting ‘Business Model’ Kishanganj
2014-18 NABARD-Bihar
Empowering 150 women and girls from minority community on Tailoring Skills Kishanganj (Bihar) 2014 AVS Society, Bihar
Garment/Apparel production unit at Kishanganj District of Bihar: A SRU-NABARD Collaboration for Employment Generation for Unemployed Youth from Below Poverty Line Families Kishanganj (Bihar) 2013-14 NABARD-Bihar
Building capacities of persons living with leprosy in Jute linked handicrafts and linking them with the market for sustainability Kishanganj (Bihar) 2011-12 NABARD-Bihar
Formation of Sustained Kisaan Clubs Kishanganj (Bihar) 2012-14 NABARD-Bihar
Project- Happy Mother Kishanganj (Bihar) 2011- till date Individual
Healthy Child Clinics fundinfing
Cloth for Action- Happy Mother Healthy Child Campaign Kishanganj (Bihar) 2012-13 Goonj, New Delhi
Direct Mobilization Project under "Special SEJS Project for Skill training of 1000 BPL youth for employment in Jute Sector for creation of gainful employment in East India”- Ministry of Rural of Development (MoRD), GoI North Dinajpur
(West Bengal)
2011-13 TECHNOPAK Advisors Private Limited,
Gurugram (Haryana)
Nodal Training Centre(NTC) for 4000 BPL youth of North Bihar - Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), GoI Kishanganj
2011-13 TECHNOPAK Advisors Private Limited,
Gurugram (Haryana)

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