“As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality exist in our world, none of us can truly rest.” — Nelson Mandela

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How To Help Us

You can contribute in three different ways

Sending Donations

100% of your donations will be spent in on ground activities with the beneficiaries and honorarium to volunteers

Become Volunteer

Youth from intervention districts of specific programs are welcomed. You can express your interest through writing us at (Based on capacity assessment Program Manager will allocate responsibilities)

By recommending us to influential Individuals and Corporates

You can strengthen our mission by helping us expanding our donation portfolio

General Questions

Society for Reaching the Unreached (SRU India) is a not-for- profit, non-religious and a political organization based in New Delhi, India. The organization is dedicated to work for improving health and development indicators of the unreached and unprivileged rural and urban population.

SRU is a women led organization; have 10 member team placed at its headquarters who are experienced and qualified in the areas of maternal and child health, adolescent health, nutrition, gender, domestic and sexual violence, social enterprise and livelihood. Its multi-disciplinary team can design, implement and monitor projects on the above said issues.

The organization conceptualize project based on recommendations of scientific forums and publications. It hardly designs and implements projects based on merely observations; rather prefers to go in deep of the issues to address the key determinants.

SRU is a responsible and equal opportunity organization. Its financials and utilization is open for accessing any government and non-government agencies and individual after paying Rs.250/- as handing charges to the organization.

SRU is being run under the guidance of key organizational policies approved by its governing body. Some of the relevant policies are; a) Partnership Policy, b) Sexual Harassment Policy, c) Child Protection Policy, d) Project Implementation and Monitoring Policy, e) Human Resource policy, f) Finance Policy, g) Procurement Policy and f) Resource handling and Anti-Bribery Policy

Irrespective of size of donations; SRU is committed to share the progresses of its initiatives to its donors on quarterly basis via e-mails.

Become a Volunteer

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