“As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality exist in our world, none of us can truly rest.” — Nelson Mandela

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SRU India is committed to share progress report on Quarterly Basis to its donors irrespective of the size of contributions on e-mail address provided.

Take Early Adolescents towards Healthy Life

In India, most of the public and private resources are invested to improve late adolescence (15-19 years); while the responsibility of development of adolescents (10-14 years) is largely put on education system. Already burdened; education system with the compulsory curriculum; usually fails to take up the developmental issues pertaining to early adolescence that results in lack of knowledge on nutrition and its translation to healthy eating behaviours. Patterns of malnutrition; both undernutrition and over-nutrition/ obesity, have been observed due to lack of awareness on nutrition among early adolescents, which causes risks of diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease in adulthood.

Happy Mother, Healthy Child Project

Women’s socio-economic status, prevailing gender norms, lack of decision making power and absence of knowledge on health issues; impacted grossly on maternal and child health outcomes in India. Since 2011, SRU India is engaged in addressing familial and societal barriers pertaining to accessing health services to pregnant and lactating women. We generate awareness among newly married, pregnant and lactating women along with their family members (mothers in law and husbands) and orient public care givers on the related issues. Till now, we have connected 12000 pregnant and lactating women with the health facility networks and ensured their complete maternal and child health care. SRU India is planning to scale up this model in more backward areas of the country.

Skills to Opportunities

In 2011-12, a ‘Nodal Training Centre (NTC)’ was setup by SRU India at Kishanganj, Bihar, with the support of Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) and later it was supported by NABARD-Bihar. The purpose was to train local unemployed and unskilled youth on the skills related to garment sector. Need emerged due to reported exploitations in terms of wages and conducts with many local youths in garment industries of Delhi and Punjab. It was felt that lack of required skills among youths is one of the potential reason for these exploitations and later it proven as now more than 1100 youth trained from NTC are enjoying respectable wages and conditions in the same industry. This initiative has been recognized on of the most successful projects of NABARD.

#SRUIndia End Violence for Every Women

Historically and traditionally India is a patriarchal society. Although lots of changes have occured in gender equity and roles in recent years, still the society needs to go a long way to become sensitive towards rights of girls and women. The reports suggest that control over inter-spousal and domestic violence as well as sexual violence specially in northern states of India is still a big challenge. It leads to unsafe and threatening environment for girls and women that restrict them to access education, health and livelihood opportunities. This leads to weak human capital formation for the country.


How To Help Us

You can contribute in three different ways

Sending Donations

100% of your donations will be spent in on ground activities with the beneficiaries and honorarium to volunteers

Become Volunteer

Youth from intervention districts of specific programs are welcomed. You can express your interest through writing us at (Based on capacity assessment Program Manager will allocate responsibilities)

By recommending us to influential Individuals and Corporates

You can strengthen our mission by helping us expanding our donation portfolio

We Help Many People

Want to Become a Volunteer

We encourage young women and men to join our hands for strengthening our mission. Their engagements in terms of providing time in implementing projects, designing high impact innovative projects and connecting to the donors are welcomed.


Our Volunteers Says

My experience of volunteering at SRU India in Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh is full of learning oriented. Helped in awareness generation on pregnancy care among less educated, poor families; that I believe hardly get opportunity to interact in respectful manner. This engagement made me a responsible citizen!

Hitesh Srivastava,
Business Analyst

I am engaged with SRU India as volunteer to end violence against girls and women which is common within household as well as in society too. I conducted few programs in Alwar district and covered it in my newspaper for wider dissemination of message. Felt returning investments of society on me a much relevant manner. Hope to continue as SRU India Volunteer in future also.

Anupama Sharma,
Chairman, Electronic Media Association, Rajasthan

Besides my hectic service industry life; I wanted to do something for the society. Thanks to ‘Happy Mother, Healthy Child Program’ of SRU India; I got opportunities to interact with many groups of women who are usually housewives in poor household. Realized; they need knowledge of health issues and confidence in her own life. I tried to help them with this…., a proud moment for me!!!

Poonam Agarwal,
Logistics Executive

The work of SRU India is commendable; there is a lack of awareness on health related issues in Delhi & Rajasthan area which had shortage of such programs.

Shahrukh Khan,

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Task Force Meetings

In order to energies the mission, SRU India creates platforms time to time for interactions among volunteers, donors and its well-wishers in various cities of the country

Upcoming Events


Celebration of SRU’s Foundation Day

7:00 pm - 10:30 pm New Delhi, India

We will invite donors, well-wishers and volunteers to join us on foundation day. It would be a short of General Body Meeting followed by Gala Dinner. The venue of the event is Hi Mirchi Restaurant, Dwarka Sector-12, New Delhi. Please confirm us before August 5, 2019.


Meet and Greet Volunteers

7:00 pm - 10:30 pm New Delhi, India

This event will be organized in Kill the Bill Restaurant, Connaught Place, New Delhi. Please confirm us before December 15, 2019.

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